Actis - Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs

Actis - Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs is a Norwegian umbrella organization for NGOs in the alcohol and drug field. We represent 34 different organisations that work to reduce harm caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Our member organisations work in the field of alcohol and drug policy, prevention, treatment and follow-up of people who have or have had an addiction problem. Many run programs for families and relatives.

Actis' role is to advocate for alcohol-, drug- and gambling policies that protect the health and well-being of individuals and communities. We work on behalf of our member organisations. Our goal is to provide information, analysis and knowledge about alcohol, drug and gambling policies to decision-makers and the media.

Actis was launched February 1st 2003. The initiative came from organisations formerly known as Avholdsfolket Landsråd. Today Actis consists of many different organisations, some with connections to the abstinence movement, others not. Actis is itself not an abstinence organisation. Actis as an umbrella is politically unaffiliated and religiously neutral.

Our head office is in Oslo, Norway. We also have offices in Brussels to keep up to date on EU alcohol and drug policy.  

Actis is a member of Eurocare - the European Alcohol Policy Alliance, Eurad – a drug policy network for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation as well as NordAN – the Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network.